A connversation between if we should take climate change seriously.

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Person 1: I think we should take action with climate change now because if the earth dies ,we die.

Person 2: Climate Change doesnt affect me at all so we don't need to take action.

Person1: What about the people it does affect. We need to be considerate.

Person 2: Nobody was serious about Corona Virus until it affected everybody so it will probably be the same for climate change too.

Person 2: I don't even think Climate change is real because if it was, the earth would be destroyed by now.

Person1: Scientists have proved that Climate change exists and if we don't act fast enough it could damage the world we live in.

Person2: But wait

Person 2: How does Climate change affect us..?

Person 1: Well, the quality of air is getting poorer, there is less fresh water to go around, the forests are being chopped down and the population of fish is getting fewer.

Person 2: Would it affect turtles?

Person 1: It would affect any kind of wildlife in the sea!

Person 2: *Thinks* I love fish and turtles

Person 2: Is there anyway that I can help?

Person 1: We can ALL do loads of things to help

Person 1: We can plant more trees and protect them, use reusable plastic, reduce the amount of energy we use and we can walk and cycle to school more instead of using cars!

Person 2: I love riding bicycles!

Person 1: You can even help raise awareness to others about this crisis!

Person 2: Now that I think about it, I think we really should do something about Climate change before it is too late...

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