Tsitsi Mkombe of WWF takes your questions!

We're thrilled to bring you our interview with Tsitsi Mkombe of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - and asking her your questions!

Born in Zimbabwe, Tsitsi is now based in South Africa and is Corporate Partnerships Manager at WWF. This means she helps the organisation partner businesses to increase their impact on protecting our planet. This also helps businesses make better choices and for the environment. Watch more about what WWF does here. We'll let Tsitsi introduce herself...

Do you agree that finding a solution to protect the environment and continue industry is really important?
nice_desert, Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Does WWF work with businesses to protect the Amazon rainforest?
enigmatic_technology, Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Definitely, we work with business and they are contributing to protecting the Amazon because you find some people who are cutting down forests illegally.

Tsitsi Mkombe on the Amazon rainforest

How do your actions help the environment and our animals, and what are your plans for the future?
patient_truth, Boutcher C of E Primary School, UK

When you are brushing your teeth, instead of leaving the tap open during the time you are brushing your teeth, just switch off the tap. Or put the water in a tap or in a glass.

Tsitsi Mkombe on saving water

What is the trickiest decision you have made when it comes to helping WWF with saving the environment?
selfassured_journalist, Manor Park Primary School, UK

How many businesses does WWF work with to help the environment?
brilliant_cloud, Junior Secondary School, Gwagwalada, Nigeria

Do you have any advice for students looking for a career in helping the environment?
Tom @ the BNC

Thank you to Tsitsi for her answers!

  • Are you now inspired to think about working to save the environment?
  • If you could work in any job that helped the environment, what would it be?

Add your answers below!

Comments (12)

  • global-conversation.png respectful_guineapig | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    18 May 2021

    I would work as an agent of sponsorship with one of our African based organisations. I'll convince big companies and influential celebrities to support communities in areas that are threatened with extreme weather events. I would also look for funds to help local communities use more renewable energy in their daily life. There is no wonder that if there is a will there is way and this can be my permanent job to ensure continuous action and impact to change things positively in our environment and the build a sustainable Green future.

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  • global-conversation.png smart_mouse | Junior Secondary School | Nigeria
    18 May 2021

    I would work as a professional climate expert i will travel to as many countries I can ,i will organise seminars on the positive effects and benefits if building back greener and also support green businesses I will go to remote villages where live is difficult I will help in the use of green energy in those villages I will create awareness about the consequences of global warming and climate change and the use of Chaco and the cutting down of trees unnecessarily,and enlighten them to embrace the use of Morden cooking utensil such as gas cookers e.t.c.

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  • global-conversation.png gentle_fact | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
    18 May 2021

    I will inspire myself to work and save the environment in the little way I can do so others to follow my example and together we can save the environment.

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  • global-conversation.png capable_keyboard | Green Hill Academy Kibuli | Uganda
    19 May 2021

    I'm actually aspiring to become a primatologist. Apart from my natural love for animals, I find primates very fascinating and I love the work of Dr. Jane Goodall.
    When I become a primatologist I will-in fact,I was recently thinking of writing
    a book about mountain gorillas. Speaking of which this is also why I -at least at first-wanted the lockdown to stay longer ( Don't worry, it isn't because I wanted to spend a considerable amount of time away from school) . After all, I'm introverted. But that aside, restricted movement means restricted pollution and hunting which means unrestricted movement of animals (Really I'm not kidding. The first session I've ever been to on BNC had a picture of lions in Kruger National Park in South Africa sleeping on the road because of limited number of cars). But here's hoping man and nature can painlessly coexist with one another.

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  • global-conversation.png warmhearted_context | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    21 May 2021

    I think that people need to be informed, enlightened and encouraged if we intend to manage the issue of climate successfully. Therefore, I would work as a professional environmentalist, traveling around the world and educating people about the effects of climate change and ways to improve the environment and the world as a whole.
    I think this would be an important way to encourage people all over the world to contribute positively to their environment in simple ways such as learning to recycle, plant trees and care for wildlife.
    I would do this by helping people realize how dreadful the world would become if we all lost touch with nature, especially in areas like Nigeria, my country, where we depend greatly on our natural resources for practically everyhting.

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    1. Ormiston Sudbury Academy hopeful_shark | Ormiston Sudbury Academy
      warmhearted_context's comment 25 May 2021

      I agree, people do need to be informed, but people also need to think of how the informing could drive them away. For example, being constantly shown about the sadness of the animals and the suffering they go through, would make people feel that no matter how much support was given the animals will still suffer. Maybe try showing a recovering animal from receiving the help?

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  • global-conversation.png healthy_tennis | Gaza Prep B Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    24 May 2021

    Of course I am very excited about it.
    I hope to work ( Environmental scientist ) I will study BSc in agronomy or biology and strive to be one of a conservationist and diligence to get masters and doctorate degrees, because
    Environmental scientists' goal is to identify, abate, or eliminate pollutants and hazards to the environment or the health of the population. They conduct research to help them in this endeavor.I will really strive to achieve this goal

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  • global-conversation.png gentle_fact | Dawhyenya Methodist Basic School B | Ghana
    25 May 2021

    I think I will be the president of my country and I will bring up strict policies which will help build back greener.

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  • global-conversation.png brilliant_cloud | Junior Secondary School, Gwagwalada | Nigeria
    26 May 2021

    My Mom inspired me to become an Aerotic engineer so that I can join force with other Aerotic engineer and produce planes that are powered by solar panels to reduce the pollution of the environment.

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  • global-conversation.png confident_radio | Gaza Prep B Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    26 May 2021

    My brother inspired me, as he established a project to build the environment, by including elements to educate members of society, to build energy to make the environment better,
    Frankly, I liked the project, because the way to educate them was in drawing, and my hobby was drawing. So if you love what you do, you will do it with all your heart and you will surely survive

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