Sebastian Munden of Unilever talks to the BNC!

Sebastian Munden is Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Unilever UK & Ireland. Unilever is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Unilever's products are available in over 190 countries and 2.5 billion people use their products every day - from soap, to foods to cleaning products. Unilever aim to make sustainable living commonplace and have made big pledges on their use of plastics. Read more about these here. We'll let Sebastian introduce himself and get straight to answering YOUR questions!

How would you encourage other businesses to become more eco-friendly?
eager_reflection, Cheam Park Farm Primary, UK

Are there alternatives to the plastic you’re your company used, and are they adequate?
enigmatic_technology, Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School, Occupied Palestinian Territory

We want to keep plastic in the economy, and not in the environment... We have a three-part approach to plastic - which we call "better plastic, less plastic, no plastic", because all of them are useful and valid

Sebastian Munden

Why do you feel strongly about the subject of plastics, and what do you think the overall impact of Unilever’s actions is? Also, do you believe that if we use and buy environmentally friendly products, we will make a significant enough impact on our environment to reverse damage caused so far?
patient_truth, Boutcher C of E Primary School, UK

How do you ensure that your products are readily available to lesser developed countries?
amusing_meaning, Junior Secondary School, Nigeria

If consumers are unsatisfied with the steps big businesses are taking on the environment, how can they give their feedback?
plucky_ocean, Anglican International Academy, Nigeria

We're here to serve shoppers, so if shoppers stop buying our products, we take notice... I would urge everyone to shop very consciously and make your feelings known by leaving products on the shelf that you don't approve of

Sebastian Munden

What other future targets does Unilever have?
Tom @ the BNC

Are there particular skills to focus on at school that help prepare for a career in your industry?
Tom @ the BNC

We are very grateful to Sebastian for giving his time to answer your questions (and a few more from Tom!).

How could you help the world use less plastic, better plastic, or no plastic? Write your answers in the comments below!

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