Leave Or Stay?



Is your head filled with confusion? What is happening? What is the MPs doing? What kind of things has Theresa May doing with Brexit? Well leaving or staying in the biggest grumble for everybody.

Leaving Problems:

-Northen Ireland and Southen Ireland. A Hard border is planning. What will happen to children who's house is in Northen Ireland and schools in Southern Ireland?

-Cost extra money to go to another country

Staying Problems:

-Paying For the EU

-Can not prevent another citizen coming into the UK


What do you think? Stay in the EU, or leave? In my opinion I want to leave because we will have more freedom and be a free country. Also we can save more money for more stuff. My only concern is that I don't want it to be diffucult for people in Northen Ireland/Southen Ireland because sometimes their school or club is in the other place, and if there is a hard border, it will be hard for them to get to school or club, and it will take for a long time for them and everyone deserves an education and they maybe late everyday.


Why can't 11+ vote? It will change the vote counts.

Why can't it be a soft border instead of a hard border? It will be easier with other pupils.

Why does the prices of having a holiday in an other country in the EU rise?

How did the EU even start?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC 06 Mar 2019

    I've given your post a star for your curiosity. Well done for thinking through the challenges and asking further questions. Can any other BNC members answer them?

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  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg wonderful_argument
    Beverley St Nicholas Primary School 07 Mar 2019

    I think people should have a choice of where they want to live and its not fair that people like Donald Trump keep people from leaving or coming into different countries

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  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg consistent_wolf
    Beverley St Nicholas Primary School 07 Mar 2019

    I think people should be able to stay where they like, because people are intital ro there own actions: I only mean in this situation. For an example Donald trump making a wall so people cant leave and cant come to the USA(United States of America). Why should people not be allowed to see their family's or friends? But if he doesn't put that wall up we wont have that issue. He is just causing trouble-my opinion.

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  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg fulfilled_cloud
    Beverley St Nicholas Primary School 07 Mar 2019 in reply to Olivia @ the BNC's comment

    The EU started after the second world war when the countries came together and signed some sort of treaty/contract making set rules to make sure what happened wouldn't happen again

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  • The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg balanced_singer
    The Ruth Gorse Academy 07 Mar 2019

    Why can't 11+ vote?
    I think people who are 11+ shouldn't be allowed to vote because some young people may be a little rowdy and unable to make their own decisions. Like in today's BNC session, I that deciding that to go to bed at your own desired time isn't the best thing to do. Owing to the fact that some people ( who are immature ) may go to bed at one am and may not be able to start the day with a fresh start. However, someone else in our club said that they go to bed when they come straight back from school and have no problems the next day. But this is what SHE does usually, so it's not the best example as not many people may do this ( like me ). Furthermore, if 11+ voted a lot of 'older' people may not be happy with this decision. Like rhetorical_black_bear had mentioned if 11+ voted it would change the vote count but in my opinion, this could either be a good thing or a bad thing. It could be a bad thing because some young people may still be very naive, and make the wrong decision which could have negative outcomes. But it may work because we would be looking at the bigger picture of the UK.
    11+ voting could be a good thing because it would ( quite literally ) mean that everyone gets their say. But there is a weakness in this because young people under 11 don't get to vote. But I think that's for the best because they don't fully understand politics and referendums. Furthermore, if 11+ were allowed to vote it could prepare them for future referendums that could involve a lot more tactical thinking.
    Even with this information, I think that it's best if 11-17-year-olds don't vote.

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg fabulous_panda_bear
    Birchwood C of E Primary School 11 Mar 2019

    why can't 11+ vote I think they can because we all have a right to say no one can not tell us what to say.

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  • The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg balanced_singer
    The Ruth Gorse Academy 11 Mar 2019 in reply to fabulous_panda_bear's comment

    I disagree with you because, sometimes what we have to say may offend someone. Also, when you said "no one can tell us what to say"
    I almost immediately made me think of hate crime. Owing to the fact that it's against the law to write racist things on walls and giving people continuous letters and phone calls for negative reasons. This also made me think of Judy Wycrofy's book as she wrote incredible racial things.
    However, I can see where you're coming from because the UK is a democratic country, and we need to expand that by letting younger people vote. Furthermore, we have rights.

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