Is revoking article 50 a good idea?


Is revoking article 50 a good idea? Personally I think no as revoking article 50 would bassicly mean us remaining. On 23 of June 2016, we hade a vote, approximately 51% voted to leave. 3 years later we have people saying that we should have another vote on wether to remain in the EU (European Union). Then we got Threasa May going to Brussels for a couple of months to make a deal. However we all remember that time when she said "A good deal is better than a bad deal.".

Currently this petition is viral. A MP stated that if at least 17 million pople signed the petition. We had a vote and that is final. The MPs did not warn us of the effects. They should have known what really would happen. The woman who made this petition is now reciving death threats.

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