Do you think democracy is fair?


Democracy is something that is usually held in schools or halls all over the world. Although some countries might have different opinions on how democracy should work, everybody agrees, Democracy is voting for something you personally want to happen or what you want, for example in school you could vote on which boook the class would like to take out of the library. Usually democracy is on who you want as our MP or Priminister. With democracy everybody in the country (only if you are over 18) will get a say on the issue. In some countries, people have specific ages you can start to vote. In our country (and many others) the age limit to start to vote is 18. So, if you are under the age of 18 you are not allowed to puplically vote.

Fun Facts:

  • Democracy was made by the Ancient Greeks
  • With democracy threre is freedom of your own opinion and also others.
  • Due to democracies being so large, it takes a very long time for it ti start and end

Do you think democracy is fair?

I think that democracy is fair because everybody gets a say on the issue. If what you voted for didn't win or get the most votes, that wouls most prefferablly mean that it was something silly that you voted for.

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