All important descions should be decided by direct democracy.

Democracy is when people decide or vote on what they think is best for certain situations, or things such as now, Brexit.

Direct democracy is when the public decides on policy initiatives by themselves on an issue, whereas indirect democracy is where the members of Parliament or the government votes.

In my opinion, I think that Brexit should be decided with direct democracy because it will give the members of Parliament a clear instruction on what to do for the country. Here is a real life situation: in Switzerland, people voted on whether companies should give workers more time off each year, but 67% people voted against it. This was a clear instruction.

Another point is that it encourages people to be more involved with what is happening in their society. Therefore, they will become more knowledgeable and able to make independent choices. However, if the members of Parliament decide, it won't give the public a chance to express their voice and opinions on the issue.

In my opinion, it would be fairer for everyone to vote because they will do it from their personal experiences. For example, in choosing our school councillors we decide by voting. We have an opportunity to choose who we think will represent us the best based on their values, which are similar to ours.

So, why wont indirect democracy work?

From my perspective, I think that indirect democracy won't work because it is a slow process as MP's argue back and forth when they can't make up their minds.

I know this as brexit was supposed to happen on the 29th of March but it has now been extended to the 12th of April. This is creating choas and uncertainty, so how exactly can we trust our MPs?

From my standpoint, I dont think that indirect democracy will be suitable for our country in every situation (particularly on the Brexit matter) because there are only 1443 members between both houses of Parliament, compared to over 65 million people in the UK, therefore the MP's won't be able to vote from everyone's point of veiw.

This is why I think we should be voting on important issues by using direct democracy.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    03 Apr 2019

    Well done for giving lots of reasons here, and using evidence and examples to support your point of view!

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