Where does art get its beauty from?


What makes art beautiful has been a subject of discussion for many years.

Does art get its beauty from the artist? This might suggest beauty is created by the expertise of the painter, sculptor or writer.

Or, is beauty in the eye of the beholder? In other words, can beauty only be decided by those who are viewing and interpreting a piece of art?

What do you think? Add your thoughts below and remember to give reasons and examples to support your answers!

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  • Hammond School logo determined_shrimp | Hammond Junior School B
    03 Jun 2020

    I think that there is no consensus on what makes art beautiful because,

    Firstly, art is open to interpretation and because people have different opinions not everyone will find one particular thing beautiful. For example, people didn’t originally like Van Gogh’s artwork until after his death which was in 1890. Galleries ,mainly in Paris, started exhibiting his work and it slowly became popular.

    Secondly, the fact that he was originally unsuccessful and people gradually became to like his pictures shows that pictures and artwork can grow on people and opinions can change after seeing it a lot. People could see the beauty in his pictures overtime which shows the change in opinion.

    Finally, not all art is beautiful because a picture of a war can be strong and bring emotion but it isn’t beautiful. Anyone can create art but it might not be beautiful art and art people will buy.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      determined_shrimp's comment 03 Jun 2020

      Good examples given, determined_shrimp. Are you saying some pictures always have beauty, but people take time to appreciate them, or that their beauty only starts once people like them?

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  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg patient_parrot | Noel Park Primary School
    04 Jun 2020

    The question is: can beauty be created or is beauty in the eye of the beholder.
    My initial thought was that beauty is created by an artist. An artist is an expert in their craft so they surely know what is beautiful and what is not. There are some things that it would be difficult to argue are not beautiful for example some of Mozart’s music. They may not be to everybody’s taste but they are still beautiful, and I think everybody can appreciate this.

    However, I then thought about this a little bit more and realised that art, whether painting, music, dance or something else, is created to inspire others and inspiration does not have to be beautiful. Sometimes something that is ugly can be equally inspiring, for example some of Pablo Picasso’s paintings or heavy discordant rock music. It would be difficult to say that these things are beautiful but they can still inspire emotion in people.

    Therefore, perhaps the answer to this question lies in the definition of what is beautiful. The dictionary defines beauty as a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, which pleases the aesthetic senses. However, I think that beauty can just be something that creates emotion in someone, and this doesn’t necessarily have to be nice emotion. For example, something can be really sad and still beautiful, and may even be beautiful because it’s sad. If this is true then beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      patient_parrot's comment 04 Jun 2020

      I enjoyed reading this and it was good to see how your open-mindedness (which I have given you a star for) made you explore the question further and develop your thinking.
      Looking at the conclusion you have come to, do you think all art is beautiful?

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    2. Graveney-logo-250x250.jpg lovable_writer | Graveney School
      patient_parrot's comment 05 Jun 2020

      In reply to your comment, I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The way that people experience art depends on their life and experience, so the way in which they view art differs hugely. However, I think that all art holds beauty because I think all art expresses something about life and living. Whenever I enter an art gallery or sit down for the beginning of a concert, I try to begin with no assumptions about or prejudices against what I am about to listen to. I want to experience what it expresses, find the beauty in it and understand the meaning of it. This particular point is interesting because art means something different to every person individually depending on what happens in their head as they experience it. Every piece of art I experience is beautiful to me; it can be sad, moving and beautiful as you said, or it can be beautiful in its simplicity. Every piece of artwork has its own type of beauty within, I think it just depends on whether the eye of the beholder is prepared to seek it.

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      1. tom Tom @ the BNC
        lovable_writer's comment 05 Jun 2020

        Good reasoning, lovable_writer. If there are no humans around to view an artwork, does it lose its beauty?

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  • Braiswick Primary School spirited_insect | Braiswick Primary School
    12 Jun 2020

    I stongly agree with you, lovable writer as it depends on what the person thinks about it, as we all have different opinions. I think if the person wants to think that it is 'beautiful' they can do that. They will have their reasons to prove why they think that. So to summarise, I think it depends on the viewer to decide.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School generous_seagull | Lyons Hall Primary School A
    12 Jun 2020

    I think art gets its beauty from the artist because the artist has that talent to draw or paint that good. For example a artist draws a picture and it is very beautiful, that person has the talent to draw that picture, and nobody will be able to do the same drawing, if a 2 year old scribbled something it might be a colourful picture with different types of colours, no matter how young or old you are every picture has its own beauty. I also agree with lovable writer that it depends on what they are thinking.

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    07 Jul 2020

    I feel that all art is beautiful, in spite of whether someone appreciates and accepts it. Determined_Shrimp said that some art is not beautiful due to many reasons including that not every painting is of a uplifting topic, but very emotional regardless. I do not agree with this as art is subject to opinion and it is down to someone's own interests. As I said above, I think that all art is beautiful even if someone doesn't appreciate or accept it. If the art is man-made, the beauty would come from the artist- no doubt...But if it were natural and 'discovered not created,' the art would get it's beauty from nature. To conclude art gets it's beauty from the maker and all art is special and beautiful in their own ways.

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