When does nature imitate art?


It's often said that "art imitates nature" (imitate means to reflect, or do an impression of).

However, you might have seen Stephen Fry turn this on its head in one of his answers:

Inspired by Oscar Wilde, he suggested “nature imitates art”, stating that...

Once a painter like Turner for example had painted a sky or mist in a certain way it changed the way we all saw sunsets and mists. We can now look at a certain sky and say, “oh look how Blake that is.” Or, “what Constable clouds.” Or “Hm, that sky is a rather poor attempt at a Turner.” All artists, writers as much as painters and sculptors see into the heart of things and make us see them anew."

Stephen Fry

You can see what Stephen meant by "Constable clouds" here, and Turner here.

So this week's Thinking Question asks...

When has art made you see the world differently?

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  • Hammond School logo admirable_cheetah | Hammond Junior School E
    01 Jul 2020

    Yes it has Tom when it is sunny ☀️ I world look at the clouds ☁️ and picture things that would fit in like on last Wednesday and Thursday there were a lot of cloud so I made a lot of things out of could and also sketching from my window and there is this tree I sketch it is so nice way to calm you down and there is a lot of other ways of art change my world.

    Thank you for listening and reading
    From Admirable_cheetah

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