What is art?

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Art can literally be anything. It can be anything from a delicate picture to an unmade bed. You can draw art, paint art and feel art. Most people would do ANYTHING to get their hands on paintings, such as:

The Mona Lisa

The Scream

The Last Supper

The Starry night

People would pay millions. I cannot find a picture of them, but I hope you know what at least one of them look like. Some of the most famous paintings don't make any sense. This is called abstract art, like the picture above. And this one.

If you look at it properly, you can sort of see a waterfall, rocks, and part of a sea/ocean. Cave pintings have been found in lots of places, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, Romania, Germany, Russia and Indonesia. Cave paintings are an excellent source of art. They date back 1000s of years ago. Cave paintings illustrate the need to communicate. This communication takes form in leaving a mark for the future- to help guide, or communicate something so important it needs a pernament representation.

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