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Hi, BNC users, I'm seriously running out of things to say :-( so I decided to ask YOU guys what you thought. I'm going to share 2 different opinions, and I want you to tell me whether you agree. If you don't, just tell me how you would say it. Then there will be a bit about everything I know about art!

Opinion 1:

Art can't be anything, it can only be pretty pictures, not things that don't make sense.

Opinion 2:

Art can literally be anything, so, get creative. Splash that paint all over that paper, because it doesn't matter what it is!

Sorry, but yes, I've included an educational bit. Sorry!


Here are some famous sculptures:

Christ the Redeemer - by Paul Landowski

The Thinker - by Auguste Rodin

Venus De Milo - Alexandros of Antioch

Thanks for reading! Hopeful_city :)

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