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Hello BNC Users, I hope you are all staying safe. Today, I want to talk about the meaning of art. Of course, different people are going to have different perspective on what art means to them but I think that the different ideas are probably going to be along the same lines.

In my opinion, art is something you can do to express your feelings. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece and the person who is doing the art also doesn't have to be an artist. Art can also help stimulate your mind and take your mind off of things. For example, if the coroavirus pandemic is stressing you out, you can do some art and help relax your mind. When expressing your feelings via art, you may also use specific colours to show that feeling (e.g blue if you are sad or yellow for happiness). However, art doesn't have to be used to express feeling or for mindfulness. It can also be a hobby. Somebody might generally really like art so they do it as a hobby.

If you don't agree with me, that's perfectly fine, however, I want to hear what art means to you guys. I hope you enjoyed reading my short post and I hope you guys all stay well and safe.


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