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I haven't posted in a rediculously long time, but i promised my teacher i would make a post on the new issue, so here we go.

Art Isn't something that was discovered. There has always been art, from the moment nature came to life. Art isn't about just drawing or painting, or the things you learn in your art class. There is, quit litterally,art in everything. like the art of gardening, or the art of cooking. there is even art in the way the wooly mamoths of the ice age stumbled about on their huge feet 10,000 years ago

Without art, our world would be.... ummm... I accually don't know. well, for a start, there would be no art to human growth, so we could all very well look like creatures of the underworld diced up and put together again. But of course,their would be no art to dice-ing so instead of that it we would be creatures of the underworld... I dunno, shredded and put together again? But then there would would be no art to shredding so....

Right.The subject art's area is like, infinite squared, so it's really big, but that is basically all that is coming to mind right now.

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