Part 2 of Art...!!!

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Hello again this is my part 2!!

(People) Do you like art?

(Me) Yes because art (the drawing and painting one) doesn't have to be perfect I know most people say their art is rubbish but I bet people somewhere in the world someone will be like this is the most amazing thing ever!! Do you guys like art? Write in the comments what you think!

(People) What is your favorite type of art?

(Me) Well mine is dancing! Write in the comments your favorite type!!

(People) Why do you like dancing? Also write in the comments why you like that type!!

(Me) Well I have a passion of dancing because I love it because the music and it is relaxing😌.

(People) What art do you consider easy?

(Me) Well I don't know because I don't want to seem like a showoff but I feel like all types are easy in there own way! Because some could be very simple and easy,some could be simply just relaxing some could also be difficult and still be enjoyable to me failure is not if you cant Get it done in time it is if you don't try you just look at it and say That looks so hard I am definitely not going to do that it will take me hours!!

(People) Your really thoughtful

(Me)Thank you

(People) What art do you not like? (Also write what you think in the comments) if you like all which one do you find not your type as much as all the others?

(Me) I don't honestly know!

Well that's the end of it so far hope you enjoyed it!

By loyal_lobster❤️

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