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Hello! Ihave focused this post on natural art, NOT made by humans. Oh, and I don't mind if you disagree with my opinions! πŸ‘

How can animals make art?

Animals can make art with a pattern of pawprints, or a 'display' of bones off an animal they have eaten!😧 It can be as simple as a scratch on a tree. A cat 🐈 could play with a pile of leaves and make an abstract picture. Even a bird's nest can be art.

Is that considered art?

It depends. If you consider everything I have just mentioned art, you are a very open-minded person. If you don't, your not not open-minded, but you could be more. Expand your mind! Think about things, and see how you can change!

Have humans ruined this?

In my opinion, they haven't. Sure, we've ruined habitats, but we haven't destroyed their freedom. Yet. In zoos, they still are free to do everything I mentioned ( see paragraph 1 ), as they are given natural things. But humans are very bad. We have built buildings, destroying habitats, killed animals, even brought species to exticnction! E.g, the Elephant Seal was nearly driven to exctinction, but hunting was banned a few decades ago.

I hope I have given you something to think about.

By Hopeful_city

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