My Art Poem

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My Art Poem

The arts are so important to me

I love them, they're so beautiful to see

The BNC inspired my learning

I feel my feelings burning

Because the BNC gave me

The power to paint my feelings

The arts work as the best healing

When you see it

You feel a hit

Which means you are realising the power of art

As delicious as a cherry tart

So when you see a piece of art

Let it's power sink into you

I know you will feel it too

A tight grasp

It will clasp

Your heart and never part

Even though BNC is closing

It's message will still be growing

Inside of you

Like the feeling of needing the loo ( sorry, it's just the only thing that rhymes, OK?)

It spreads so easily

I hope this poem is a more fun way

Of learning about the arts

If you let the painting take that grasp

You will get your pay.

Dear all BNC experts and workers,

Thankyou for making my first year on the BNC one of the best. I have already got 7 stars, and have won one competition! I will miss you all soooooooo much!



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