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We know many of you follow the news closely, and it's likely that you have seen stories about the Black Lives Matter movement, the growing awareness of racism in today's society, and the steps many people are taking to oppose racism.

Our current Issue is on the arts, so whilst these stories have not featured heavily on the Hub, you might have seen some questions about making art more equal and open to everyone, no matter who they are.

We're very keen to help you learn more about these stories - you can find out much more at Newsround's special section on "Fighting Racism" - which you can find by clicking this button:


What are we doing at The Economist Educational Foundation?

The Economist Educational Foundation is us - the people who run the Burnet News Club! Our goal is to help young people succeed regardless of their background, and so we're taking lots of steps to tackle racism:

We are educating ourselves to understand more about how racism affects the charity and education system - two areas that we can make a difference.

We have published two lessons about racism for children like you! These are a bit like Burnet News Club lessons, but they can be done at home with your family, or at school with your teacher and classmates. You can find them here - and it's best to ask a parent or guardian to go through them with you.

We will provide you with even more opportunities to interact with inspiring, diverse role models and experts on the Hub.

We will always work with and draw on the expertise of people who have relevant and lived experience of the topics we make resources on.

Racism and inequality is found in many of topics that we cover in our educational resources and the Burnet News Club. We will continue to educate young people like you about racism and how it shapes the news.

Having an inclusive hiring process (this means how find new people to work for us) is a priority for us and we are seeking expert advice to ensure that, as we grow, we build a team that comes to reflect the rich diversity of the young people that we work with.

Each year, we will publish the specific actions that we commit to taking in the coming year to tackle racism and we will report on whether we did what we said we would.

We know many of you have commented about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement through your conversations about the arts, and some of your competition entries too.

If you have questions about the Black Lives Matter movement, why not take a look at the Newsround section on it?

If you have something you would like to say, or ask, just add it below in the comments.

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