Is art a good way to express your views?

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Art. What is Art? Why is it important? In this post, I will be explaining the importance of art and how it can be used to express your feelings.

For example, there is an image is conveying someone's feelings and expressions. They have a bag on their head which represents loneliness and an expression that makes us seem that the person is not really sociable or down in the dumps. The cover of this post is a piece of graffiti artwork by someone who is fighting for what they believe is right. Black Lives Matter, in my opinion, should have started several years earlier and I do not think that it should take such a catastrophic event like the one that George Floyd had to go through. A saying that would support this point would be "a picture tells a thousand words". Art can be used in many good ways to promote good causes and I know and believe that Art will carry on to become something that will grow into a source of feelings and expressions.

But of course, there can be a downside in all of this art and expressing feelings. When some people do graffiti art pieces it could become an issue of social vandalism and the younger generation may use this as a disadvantage to the community. When this gets used it will spread quickly and I have no doubt about it. This can cause worse situations and I would believe many did not know that the Los Angeles state in America had to spend twenty-eight million dollars just to remove seventy-five per cent of graffiti in just one of fifty states in the United States of America. Grafitti can cause gangs and group issues which can endanger lies and the mental and health well being of people in the neighbourhood and community.

This was my answer to both sides of the argument and I think that Art should be used wisely to show expressions.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    18 Jun 2020

    Thanks for your post, which gives lots of reasons and shows good open-mindedness! Unfortunately I have had to remove the pictures, as we only have the copyright to use the ones in the library or ones you create yourself.

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  • Hillyfield School logo ingenious_dusk | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    22 Jun 2020

    I agree, with art you can express your feelings and almost put yourself in the picture also art can have moods art calms the mind and also angers the mind dependant on what type you paint

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    01 Jul 2020

    I think art is a great way to express your views because it allows you to show instead of tell which often has a deeper impact. For example: You could tell how pollution is effecting the world or you could show how people are getting diseases because of it. I think that is certain situations, art can be a more impactful medium of communication because you are essentially directly showing the person what you mean whereas when you are talking about your message, people can visualise what you are saying and that visualisation might differ between people unless you have a very clear message. That said through, as cheerful photograph said in another post, art is very diverse and people's imagination are wide which means people can interpret your message differently. So I think telling and showing are equally good mediums for expressing your viewpoint and communicating. There are scenarios where telling is better and scenarios where showing is better. For example: You might want to apologise to someone, in this situation telling directly is better but if you are showing climate change then showing could be more impactful.

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