"If you don't see one, you can't be one"

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I think that the quote means if you don't get to see art, then you won't become an artist. I think that you can still become an artist if you don't see art but it is much more difficult. In my picture I have drawn someone who lives in a developing country and in a small village with no towns nearby. This person wouldn't be able to go to museums or theatres because they don't live anywhere near those places and they don't have the money to travel to them. So they won't see much or any art and that would make it difficult for them to become an artist. But the people at the bottom of the picture are people like me who can go to places like cinemas (on the left in the picture) and most people have internet access at home which means that they can go onto free museum and gallery tours (on the right in the picture). And we might be able to watch plays on Youtube so even if we can't go to the theatre we can still see art. We can easily see lots of art and that makes it mush easier for us to become artists. I think that is what the quote is about.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    29 Jun 2020

    Thank you for taking up the challenge from one of the sessions and making an artwork to represent that quote. It's always worth remembering that there are big differences in how people look from lesser-developed countries , and your image represents just one example. What are the other ways that this quote could be interpreted? Do you agree that its meaning could go beyond income and wealth?

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  • Hammond School logo determined_tree | Hammond Junior School E
    03 Jul 2020

    I think another way that you could interpret this quote is that the 'seeing' the art/artist could be less in a literal sense but more about understanding and appreciating the arts.

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  • Hammond School logo valuable_insect | Hammond Junior School E
    03 Jul 2020

    Thank you for this post, determined_tree.

    I believe that your understanding of the saying, “If you can’t see one, you can’t be one.” is correct because art isn’t just paint on a canvas. Yes, paintings are a form of art, but that is not the only way that art can be represented. Art can be anything, from animals to forests. As of this, it is extremely hard to not see art in your everyday lives. So if you don’t see art, you can’t make it.

    But by saying this I am not saying that no one can be an artist. You can find things to draw or paint easy, because we’re surrounded by it no matter where we are. If you are in a desert, draw a cactus, if you are on a boat, draw the water. Because art is everywhere, anyone can be an artist.

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  • Hammond School logo empowered_conclusion | Hammond Junior School D
    17 Jul 2020

    But isn't one of the artist we learned about blind and he's famous so I don't really get your point

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