“If you don’t see one, you can’t be one.” Artwork


"If you don't see one, you can't be one." Marian Wright Edleman, American Activist.

The eyes on my artwork portray 'if you don't see one,' As if looking for something you want to be.

The purpose of her quote is that some children would want to be something, but if you did not see someone like you in that position, then it would be very hard to get to be that. Like a profession.

Marian was very bold and brave, being an American Activist. I made the text bold and stand out too, by using bright colours and bubble writing. In addition, I ensured the letters were large and easy to read, helping it to show. I did not add colour to the eyes as that would take the attention away slightly from the text. I ensured it was the main focus of my artwork.

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