How YOU can become a successful artist, and how we can make sure everyone has access to art!

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Anyone can create art. I think Van Gogh was successful because his paintings were very inspirational for some people and they spoke to them.

HOW to become a successful artist?

1) Be motivated - this step is key because if you were a lazy person and you had no motivation to paint, I'd say the painting would turn out to be less extraordinary than others.

2) Being able to give your art morals and secret meanings - this really engages the person admiring your piece and it will make them want to see more from you.

3) Be confident - being confident is one of the most important things you need to do in order to become a SUCCESSFUL artist. If you doubt yourself a lot or insult things you have put effort into, then an artist might not be the best career for you. I think you must be proud of things that you put effort into, big or small.

4) Being able to sell your art / have it in an art museum - Although it's about creativity not money, it can be very helpful to actually make a living out of your art. Some people will be willing to pay money for your artwork! But just remember, very successful artists like Vincent Van Gogh only made ONE sale and that was to his relative.

Some people are thought to have no access to making art just because of their background story. How can we change this?

There are many different types of art: writing, acting, comedy, architecture, ceramics, cooking, theatre, dance, song writing... I could go on. But some people think only certain people can participate in these acts, which we need to change. Here's how...

1) Increase funding to art classes and encourage more people to go. This could be achieved by using advertisements or simply teaching more art in schools. Many people that want to participate in art classes can't afford it (some art tutors charge £35-£60 an hour!)

2) Suggest more art-based after school / before school clubs. This encourages children to start learning how to sing, dance, paint, write, act and even more! That could be very beneficial for them.

3) Fundraisers to provide young people with art supplies

4) Make museum and gallery visits free on certain days (e.g there could be a day for children to come and express their artistic skills of any kind, and upgrade the system for people with disabilities) Because isn't that what art is all about? Making sure that everyone experiences it atleast once? :)

That's all I can think of! I'd love to answer some questions about my comment. Thanks for reading


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