Hitler's control over art in Nazi Germany

During Hitler’s reign he had a dislike for a certain type of art – this was called Degenerate Art. Degenerate art was art that made the spectator think or have personal opinions about the art piece. Hitler hated his followers having their own thoughts so much because of his strong belief in communism and Nazism where everybody must think the same. Instead of disposing of the Degenerate art, or simply hiding it away from public view, he had a separate museum for it called Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) Exhibition. He made this exhibition for 18 + only – this was a shock tactic to make the art seem offensive and dangerous in some way. Hitler had slogans and graffiti put all over the art to send even more disrespect to the artwork.

Only a few hundred meters away from the Entartete Kunst stood another exhibition called the Great Exhibition of German Art. This museum held Hitlers favorite art; Aryan art. Aryan art is anything that is so obvious you can't really have any personal opinions or thoughts about it, for example; a beautiful landscape. Also, Aryan art would include people from Hitlers “Master” race (the Aryan race) so men who are well built and women with a slim waist, both with blonde hair and blue eyes.

In conclusion, having researched information with an open mind, I feel that in a way Hitler was really clever to display the art that he disliked. He didn’t simply dispose of it, but displayed it in a way that made this artwork seem dangerous and absolutely wrong. These actions to do with artwork was another powerful movement for Hitler’s mission to brainwash all German citizens.

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