Was art invented by humans, or was it always there?

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I have been wondering about this question and I thought I would do a post about it to see what people think about the question.

I think that it was always there as I think every action Is art. For example if you turn around several times it is art, if you add a jump to the twisting it will turn into a dance. A dance, in my opinion is art. So if you think about it everything is basically art. A door is, as the person has to design it first to make it, even a film as you have to first plan it and maybe even design the backround.

Art isn't just getting a brush and painting on a piece of paper, it can be all sorts of things. There are so many examples that I don't even think I will be able to write all of them down. Art is all about being creative and having new ideas that people have not thought of before.

I want to know what other people might think about this, and if they have similar thoughts as mine. This is a short post but I hope you liked reading it.

by generous_seagull.

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