Art role models

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Role models.

These could be:

  • drawers
  • artists (can be song creators and drawers)
  • etc.

Be careful of them. They can change you.

For example (used in, all credit to the creator):

  • For lots of years, humans have been trying to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Alas, many runners couldn't do it. Most people thought it was impossible. Yet, one day in, 1954, one man, with no proper training, ran so fast, that he finished a mile in, 03:58! Only 2 - 1 seconds before 4 minutes! He was the first person globally to do so! Immediately after, people realised that it WAS possible to finish a mile in under 4 minutes. They had the determination and were possibly thinking, ''If they could do it, I can fo it also''.

It is the same thing with art. People think they are rubbish at art, but maybe, if they see a peice of art they like, they will be determined to make as good art as them.


I want to see your thoughts.

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