Art from a different point of view

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In this post, I will tell you about different views of art.

First, do you like art? Whether you do or don't, art makes you feel something. It coul make you feel calm, angry, happy, sad or anxious. It can make you laugh with joy or sob with sadness. Think how you it would look if you painted a picture with anger. Then think how it would look if you painted it with sadness, happiness or anxiousness. Each one would look different if you let the feelings flow from the tip of your toes to the head, then to the arm you paint with. Art isn't made to be admired, it's to spread feelings to whoever looks at it. If you tried to paint a happy picture when you were sad, it wouldn't work. But, if you painted a sad one when you were sad, it would look amazing and full of strong feeling. Take a look at these, tell me how you feel when you look at them, and tell me how the artist would have felt when she/he painted it.

Also tell me whether or not you consider it art.

By hopeful_city. Hope you like it!

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