ART - Am I allowed to make it?

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I've always been interested in art - it's your imagination! But, the one thing that bothers me, is when people say their's looks bad!

What is this post about?

In this post, I want to address that art is for everyone.

Loads of people created art! Leonardo Davinci, Van Gogh, but none of them are females! But actually, there are some! I want to you to know that art is for everyone! Females, males, etc. Your gender does not matter! It is just a little coincidence that most are males. If you're a female, that is into art, nice! Here is a YouTube channel that makes art lessons just for kids! Art is amazing. Speaking about art, some people always say 'ugh, my art looks terrible!', but it isn't. I know in your head that you're proud of yourself, so show that to everyone else, not saying it's bad! Be confident! Even if it doesn't get into a gallery, say in your head that it will! Maybe, you could be famous! Here is a post I recommend by my friend fierce_raccoon! - I would read this if you have any further questions if I don't answer it below!


Can I become an artist?

Of course you can, art is for everyone, like I said!

I'm already an artist, but.. can I help?

Mhm! There are loads of charities that you can donate to, they give the money for art supplies! Such as:

  • ArtFund.
  • Corearts.
  • The Art Room.
  • Art for Charity.
  • Children and Art.
  • CreateArts.
  • The Eaton Fund.
  • The RCA Fund.

So, if you don't have time to read my whole post (it's okay! :) ) a one word answer for this post:

Yes! :D

I hope my post helped out a bit!

~ lovable_clarinet

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  • Hammond School logo admirable_cheetah | Hammond Junior School E
    01 Jul 2020

    Hi I am Admirable_cheetah

    I think everyone is aloud to make a art even if it is just paint everywhere and you put a lot of PVA glue and you cut things in a mess it is all ways perfect 👌🏻 it is still art 🖼 art can be anything.

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    1. Lyons Hall Primary School generous_seagull | Lyons Hall Primary School A
      admirable_cheetah's comment 02 Jul 2020

      Do you mean that even if you cut and draw things in a mess, then it is still art? Or do you mean if you paint everything and PVA glue everywhere and stick pieces of paper that you cut with a mess then it is still art? What do you mean by this? Do you mean that even if you just put I splotch of paint on a piece of paper then it doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful, but it has to be art? Do you think a plain paper is art? If you didn’t even draw anything on it? I think it is, because of how it’s made. First you cut trees, then you make it into paper. So ‘cutting trees is art because it’s a movement.

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      1. tom Tom @ the BNC
        generous_seagull's comment 03 Jul 2020

        Lots of very open and interesting questions, generous_seagull. We look forward to what people say!

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  • Hammond School logo determined_tree | Hammond Junior School E
    03 Jul 2020

    Yes, art is for EVERYONE. And ALL art is beautiful, no matter what type it is, whether other people like it/understand your art, or what colours you use if it is a painting, sketch or maybe even street art. It does not matter if you post it online and it isn't very popular. Just try again! Perseverance is key to a good artist. If someone pushes you down, just get back up again. You can do anything! If you try hard enough and long enough, then you will succeed. (in short, I agree 👍)

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  • Halsnead logo hopeful_city | Halsnead Primary School
    05 Jul 2020

    Hi, I'm hopeful_city! I am a huge art lover❤, but I have never painted a picture😯. I want to travel the world, painting landmarks when I'm older. It's a mix of my favourite things- exploring and art! But, anyway, yes! I do think anyone can paint something, as long as you put some thought into it, and, most importantly, believe!👍

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    1. Evelyn-Street-logo-250x250.jpg lovable_clarinet | Evelyn Street Primary School A
      hopeful_city's comment 06 Jul 2020

      Mhm! Believing is the most important thing! <3

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      1. Halsnead logo hopeful_city | Halsnead Primary School
        lovable_clarinet's comment 06 Jul 2020

        Mhm! If you don't, your picture won't be as good. 😯. ☺☺☺

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  • CuddingtonCroft-logo-250x250.jpg mindblowing_tree | Cuddington Croft Primary School
    07 Jul 2020

    I agree that art is for everyone, it looks different to everyone, one person might look at a piece of art and see a messy scribble, another a beautiful picture. It just depends on how you look at it

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School fairminded_jambul | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    04 Dec 2020

    I agree that art is for everyone no matter what gender you are, it may look different to you then others like you could look at your art and see lots of different circles and wavy lines etc and then when someone else sees your art they could see a fantastic piece of art . Art can be part of your family’s generation or it can just be a hobby

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School playful_bee | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    04 Dec 2020

    It does not matter who you are you can still do art from anyone can paint kids can adults can art is crazy and fun though art is a hobby or a part of you or it’s your family generation art you can do graphite and that is still art I do random scribbles and it makes something like a face or just random I love art it’s good and if anyone reads this I hope it inspires you to try

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg terrific_raccoon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A
    22 Jan 2021

    Hi (maybe a late comment) I am terrific_raccoon and I wanted to say how I express art.

    I love art a lot and it showed colours, power and imagination. When I was younge I didn’t really think of any of this art or craft but now I find art is anything and on my b-day I told my dad. “Oh hey, soo I love art and you know (I had Christmas lights that were green orange pink and blue lights .) And I told my dad that art is anything and the colours of the lights are bright. And that moments were the best!
    On Christmas the day beffore my dad went shopping and Bought me paints and colours and even a scetch book. BUT NO SCHECH PENCEL 😭😭😭😭😭.

    Arts just the best ❤️

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