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I did planned a little skit I thought of to kinda answer some questions you might want to know the answer!!

(People) Well what is art??

(Me) Art has many forms some like dancing and drawing,painting and lots of others!

(People) Well why is art the topic on Burnet News??

(Me) Well I do not really know but I will estimate and try my best! Well art has multiple interesting forms such as Dancing!

(People) Why is dancing a art??

(Me) Well dancing is a art because... it is a way how to express your feelings and or emotions and I think all they types of art I know it is a way how to express yourself!

(People) Well is street art good or bad?

(Me) Well I am not sure it can be both because a it can be bad if people just go about and doing it everywhere and the writing/drawing can sometimes be a bit rude which isn't nice and it is bad if like a little child comes across it at a park and it says rude and mean words it can also make the child say that when they get older!! But the good side to it it can bring out colors in dark places And it could be rewarding also it might brighten someone's day!!

(People) Well what else do you know about art types?

(Me) Well I am not sure and I do not want to go on forever so I am going to stop and I might make a part two!!

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