Previous Burnet News Club issues

How to find all previous issues covered by the Burnet News Club

In Summer 2018, we launched this new Burnet News Club Hub.

Our previous site is archived, but below you will see the Issues that the students covered year-by-year.

If you are a Burnet News Club teacher and would like to access previous schemes of work, please get in touch.

2017/18 Academic Year

Issue 1: Russia and Rights

The Burnet News Club looked at human rights violations in Russia and debated if international intervention was necessary.

Issue 2: Social Housing

The Club learnt about the stories behind the social housing crisis and evaluated several proposed solutions.

Issue 3: Catalonia - in it together or independent?

The BNC explored the Catalonian independence movement before arguing for unions or separatism.

Issue 4: 2018 - Year of the Woman

The Burnet News Club used the Time’s Up Campaign and gender pay gap report to help inform their ideas about gender equality.

Issue 5: Veganism

The Club investigated veganism, a rapidly growing lifestyle in the UK, and decided whether it would benefit society.

Issue 6: World Cup 2018 - can sport and politics mix?

The BNC learnt about political statements in sport before reporting on whether the two should mix.

Catalonia image: / MarcoPachiega

2016/17 Academic Year

Issue 1: American Election

The Burnet News Club examined the promises that each candidate made, and the ways that a candidate’s personality could affect the trust of voters.

Issue 2: Prisons - punishment or rehabilitation?

The Club discussed punishment and rehabilitation in prison and asked which is more important.

Issue 3: Syria

In this issue the Burnet News Club asked: how should Britain should be involved in the Syrian conflict?

Issue 4: Future of the NHS

For this issue, the BNC looked at the future of the NHS and what should be done about it.

Issue 5: Fake News and Democracy

The Club looked at why fake news is important and how it could affect democracy. A snap election was called as the club members started the issue. They began using what they were learning about democracy and the media to inform their views on the 2017 general election.

Issue 6: What Is The Cost Of Climate Change?

The Burnet News Club looked at how should we weigh the costs of climate change against the costs of dealing with climate change.

Syria image: / Orlok
Fake news image: / Lenscap Photography