Previous Burnet News Club issues

How to find all previous issues covered by the Burnet News Club

In Summer 2018, we launched this new Burnet News Club hub.

Our previous site is archived – all discussions and contributions from students are still available to view.

Below you will see the issues that the students covered year-by-year, with links to those discussions on the archived site.

If you are a Burnet News Club teacher and would like to access previous schemes of work, please get in touch.

2017/18 Academic Year

Issue 1: Russia and Rights

Issue 2: Social Housing

Issue 3: Catalonia - in it together or independent?

Issue 4: 2018 - Year of the Woman

Issue 5: Veganism

Issue 6: World Cup 2018 - can sport and politics mix?

Catalonia image: / MarcoPachiega

2016/17 Academic Year

Issue 1: American Election

Issue 2: Prisons - punishment or rehabilitation?

Issue 3: Syria

Issue 4: Future of the NHS

Issue 5: Fake News and Democracy

Issue 6: What Is The Cost Of Climate Change?

Syria image: / Orlok
Fake news image: / Lenscap Photography

2015/16 Academic Year

Issue 1: Migration and the Refugee Crisis

Issue 2: UK Housing

Issue 3: Rights in the Modern World

Issue 4: Brexit and the EU referendum

Issue 5: Rio 2016 - sport and society

Refugee image: / Nicolas Economou
Rio image: / lazyllama