Your getting questioned by a reporter....What do you say? What do you act like?

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Reporter:Hey you sir,could you tell me a bit about yourself?

Civilian:Sure,my name is Alice, im 23 years old also i work as a fellow Doctor at Warrington Birchwood.I also have a family as a husband and me the wife with a single kid!

Reporter:Oh Alice,thats exiting to learn about yourself,but actually could you tell me how you feel about tomorrows Election?

Alice:Oh yes i feel really exited but also a bit nervous,because i really like the President Joe Biden,so im actually going to vote for Joe Biden.Also its not really axeptible to be mean and starting riots about who you want to win or who you want to vote.

Reporter:Alice, could you possibly tell me why people should vote for tomorrows Election?

Alice:Oh sure if you wouldnt vote for an example,Joe Biden if it was like a tie 55-55 and you didnt vote it would be a tie but if you voted for Donald Trump it would actually be 55-56 so Donald Trump would win and that means your vote is really powerfull and its really Important to you

Reporter:Could you tell me why you think your vote is powerfull Alice?

Alice:I mean sure i think my vote is not so powerfull because i could vote for someone like Joe Biden but sometimes Donald Trump could steal the vote so it goes to Donald Trump its not so fair but it cant be stoped by the law of life.

Reporter:Alice thats really intresting to say off you,And now could you tell me why some people might not vote?

Alice:Oh i actually think they might not vote because sometimes they might not be really intrested into the Election or a diffrent reason,they dont really know what its actually about so the people might have to have a little look around the internet.Or some people might be underaged.

Reporter:Would you ever want to have a try at being a President or would you run for one?

Alice :I dont really think i would because i dont really know how to controll so much power into my hand and controll helping people as a Doctor because i dont really know about power i learnt about health and helping people and also healing people from their deciceases.

Reporter:Ałice thats a super reasoning! But theres one last question to ask you Alice before you have to move one.How do you feel about the voting process in America?

Alice:I dont really think its fair because if you vote you cant go back and ask to revote the vote you made.And also you dont have time and not allowed any technoligy when your about to vote so you cant search anything up whilest your waiting to vote so you wont know so much if you dont know so much.

Reporter:Oh my Alice i like all your reasonings you can go now bye bye,Misses Doctor Alice!

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