Will the voting system in America change this year due to coronavirus???

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I'm decisive_redcurrant and This is my post Hope you enjoy everything I say and please make sure if you have any suggestions or things you agree with to write it down in the comments so then I'll be sure to look at them.

First off I just want to say that I think the voting system in America is unfair because of the electoral vote. I found the electoral votes Stupid because in 2016 there were two candidates running to become the President of America their names were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Hillary Clinton won the POPULAR VOTES But then it came to the ELETORAL VOTES This is when each state in America vote for who they would like to become president in the states that the both candidates are running to be in. There is 2 state in America called the SWING STATES And SAFE STATES. swing states is when some states in America have not got a particular candidate to vote. Safe states is when some states often vote for the same party every time. Sadly, Because of the electoral votes Hillary Clinton lost And Donald Trump became the President of America. Feel really bad for Hillary Clinton That's how elections are and that's how elections have got to be.

Now obviously, because of coronavirus the world has turned into a different place we having to go into lockdown and jobs at risks of Shutting down. Because coronavirus Our schools even had to shut down And we had to do online classes. I'm just so grateful that people are listening to the restriction rules And now our death toll have gone down But the cases are rising fast.

As some of you guys know, there is a big election going on in America for who will become the President of America. The both candidates names are Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Now, the main thing I was keen to speak about was the voting system in America and is it fair or is it was unfair.

Firstly, in my opinion if I was the President of America my number one rule for how people vote would be that they should vote by Mail. But president Trump says that Voting by Mail could be extremely dangerous as you can get a potential fraud. The people that don't know what a fraud is it is basically when someone tell lies or tricks to cheat or take advantage of in a way that is often against the law. Donald Trump is arguing about posting by Mail. And I agree with true because this is a very dangerous way of voting because people could tell you lies or fake news about one of the candidates which could lead to one candidate losing the election because people are telling others Fake things about one candidate.

This is a big problem in the world and is still happening today please make sure if you are allowed to vote do not listen to anybody and what they say never know it could be fake news and could change your decision on who you were going to vote at first.

Now, Joe Bidens campaign is not really worried about posting by Mail.

41% of Joes voters tend to vote by Mail unlike 11% of trump supporters voting by Mail

The last thing I want to say about this is Could rejected mail cost Joe Biden the Election????

If you know the answer to this question please write it down in the comments so then I know if it could cost Joe Biden the election or not.

(If You want to find out more about posting by Mail and if it could hurt the both candidates campaign Then you could go to the latest post that Tom had posted which is called why is postal voting causing arguements.)

To conclude everything I said all I want to just summarise is in my opinion I do not think the voting system in America will change that much because of coronavirus but I never know if it will or not!

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