Why the America people should vote!!

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If you are an American citercen YOU should vote!!

We talked to some made up American citercens that voted and why they voted for that and some citizens that did not vote and why they did not vote.

First up is Calvin.

Calvin voted for Donald Trump. He said he voted for Donald Trump because he said he liked that Donald Trump building a wall. Also he said he liked that Donald Trump was going to get the goverment less involved with schools and he said schools just get kids together and then they cause trouble.

Then we spoke to Jefffery next.

He did not vote. He said he didn't vote because it snowed for 2 days straight so the snow was too high so he could not even get out my house. After the snow went he felt like my vote did not matter because my vote will be lost in thousands and he live in Rhode island so it does not matter but many if he lived in Texas he probally would have voted.

Next up is Bob

Bob voted for Joe Biden as he did not like building a wall and he liked that he was going to give $750 to schools and he thought that younge people need better education.

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