Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump?

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Hello, I am protective_dusk, and I am discussing whether we should vote for Trump or Biden. I personally think Biden should get elected because I think he would run the country well, and make America a happy place. Donald Trump first...

Donald Trump is the president of the USA at the moment, and he was a very successful buisnessman. He has been president of the USA for nearly four years, and he is the 45th president of the USA. Donald Trump is younger than Biden, so he would probably be better at discussing issues, and thinking. He also has a net worth of 3.1 billion, so he would have more power than Biden, and he could get more votes because of his extreme wealth. Some people think he is making America more happy, and some people think he is not. There are debates on whether he should stay as president or not. He is Christian, and he was a TV star too. So in the end, I think it is quite tricky for Biden to stand up against Trump.

Joe Biden is the opposition candidate of Donald Trump. He was Vice-President of the USA, and he is a life-long politician. He is 77, so he is older than Trump by three years. He is Catholic, and it is his 3rd time trying for president. I think people would like him to be president because some people think Trump had commited a crime, and he didn't help poor people who are suffering in other countries. In my opinion, I think Biden would be a better president for America than Trump, because he would probably make America more happy than Trump did. Biden's net worth is less than Donald Trump's, but he still has a good amount of power too try and win against Trump in this coming November.

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