Who pays for the American election?

Have you ever wondered who pays for everything involved in holding an election?

We are very lucky to have Commissioner Ellen Weintraub and Chairman James E. Trainor III as experts to answer your questions. They help lead the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This means they are in charge of the rules on how money is spent during election campaigns (and to make sure no one bends the rules). Commissioner Weintraub represents the Democratic party, and Chairman Trainor represents the Republican party.

See Commissioner Weintraub's answers below, with Chairman Trainor's soon to be follow!

Why not check out this tracker to find out how much Donald Trump and Joe Biden have raised to fund their campaigns? Remember - they have to raise money for so many things: from adverts to travel to events! Do you think someone raising more money makes them more likely to win?

They get their money from lots of sources: from individuals who want to help to big businesses, and also from the government. There are rules in place though - and the Federal Election Commission makes sure these rules are obeyed.

Of course, lots of money is also needed to hold the election - for example, to count the votes and ensure a peaceful transition of power if someone new is elected. This is mainly provided by public funds through the government, but election debates are sponsored by private contributions from businesses and foundations.

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