Who i voting for

Burnet news club final piece

Hello I am Sam brown my age is 19 and my occupation is a taxi driver.

I feel nervous and worried about the election because I think trump will win and convince men to join world war 3.

Some people might not vote because they are too young or they could be not interested.

My vote is powerful because my county is worth 55.

People should vote because if trump wins he is not going to care and climate change is going to happen.

I would not run for president because I would have to ask louds of people to vote for me and if the other person wins then I would be poor I would not like and also criteria.

I think the democratic is very unfair because load of people could be living there and their points could be 1 to 5.

I would vote for Joe biden because he cares about the earth and even if he is not rich ill still vote him because if Trump wins it’s not fair because he’s been already has been president.

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