Who has the most power - the government or the people?

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Who runs the country?

Who should have the most power when it comes to running the country?

The Government?

In a dictatorship a country is ruled completely by a person or small group. No one is allowed to disagree with their decisions and if they do they will often be punished. If you are a dictator you have complete power to rule the country however they want.

The Voters?

In the United Kingdom and America we don't live in a dictatorship, we live in a democracy where the majority rules. The word democracy means ruled by the people. We vote for which candidate we want to represent us. When we vote for someone we hope that they will use this power in what we think is a good way. The people have given the responsibility for running the country to someone they trust.

My Opinion

The voters should hold the power because they are choosing which candidate should run the country but unfortunately that is not the way politics works. Often once a candidate is voted to be the government they stop listening to the voters. Although the voters can protest, they have to wait four years, or until the next election, before they can vote again. The other problem is that there are always voters who wanted the other side to win and are now being represented by someone they didn't vote for! If I had to choose to live in a dictatorship or a democracy I would choose democracy because even though it is not perfect it is probably the better option.

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