What might happen if one of the current candidate wins?

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With the American election drawing nearer and nearer, the world's media and attention is mainly focused on it. People not only in America are discussing it with one another, but what do you think to expect? The candidates most likely will and have made promises, about how they will run the country. They have both strentghs and weaknesses, yet mot of them are quite important regarding the 'key of success'. With the first debate gone, and the next one very soon, here are some things that will make them a good leader:

• Education

Education could be quite useful, as it would involve learning, and all sorts of education would help in different ways. If you were good at english, for example, your speeches could have an enhancing effect. If you are good at art, you could design posters for campaigns effortlessly. If you are quite good at languages it would allow you to interact more and make bonds with countries. Education could have all sorts of upsides to your life; it makes it easier to be a president, for one thing.There is luckily a law on this that in order to become president, you need at least one degree. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are quite educated, athough there has been some rumours against this.

• Authority

Having authority is mostly very good. It can give you more confidence, and reassurance in cases such as the opponent is a completely new character. They could have already served as Vice-president (Like Joe Biden to Barack Obhama) or are just generally famous (such as Donald Trump). However, using authority wrongly is quite bad, as it could lead to a disaster. It could be that you use it to threaten others, and then who knows what? You could get a riot on your hands! But having authority and using it for a good purpose is much more beneficial, rather than using it for squalid reasons. Lastly, authority gives you the upper hand in career, as it may drive voters to support you if they think you can solve their problems using your importance.

• Respect

Gaining respect is definitely a start, and it'll be an important factor to success. With it you would most likely have the support of whoever respects you, and you get to make choices on their behalf. Both President and Vice-President have some respect, and that wold make it harder to vote. I think that if the public fully support you, then you should have gained the people's respect and should have an at least mild idea what it is like in the shoes of responsibility. Obtaining this would build your trust and others trusting you. It would most likely be useful to have this beforehand, as that way you are already most likely to win and if later people could have changed their mind, if they voted against you.

• Good reflexes

These are phenominal in unexpected times, COVID 19 for example. With these, in tight circumstances or confusing moments, these could be what a President is remembered-or admired- for. An example of this is if a country calls out full-scale war, then they would have to think quickly to prevent or participate in this. I am not fully sure whether or not these candidates have this particular skill, but they probably do still have an instinct. If you have achieved this, you would probably have a lot of experience in this criteria. You also should have a good personality if you want to become president, as this would most likely lead more people to support your candidate.

All of these are just a guide to becoming president, but what might happen if the candidates gain these? Or if they become president?

For Joe Biden, he has quite a good attitude and personality, but based on the debate this week, I am not really sure whether he would be the best president. Some examples of what he has promised to do if elected are as follows:

1. Reverse Trump's tax reform law for the wealthy;

2. Sign climate-change focused executive orders;

3. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

Most of these are most likely to result in about optimum outcomes. However, for making taxing larger I am not so sure, as it may make those whom it concerns support Donald Trump, and, since they are rich, they might live in a state with a lot of votes. I think that it is likely that Biden will keep to these promises, and most of them are quite convenient for the devoted democrat supporters.

For Donald Trump, he has loads of money, which is useful in political cases. He has been known by some to not have a very good personality, yet he has made some laws so far. These include:

1. Moving the Israel embassy;

2. A wall separating America and Mexico;

3. Taxing cuts.

These are both before his election and in this one, along with many others. Here are some abandoned ones, which are quite surprising:

1. Prosecute Hillary Clinton;

2. Ditching Nato;

3. Torture.

These are probably exaggerations of the real truth and could be fake news. Yet that makes an even bigger problem.

Thank you for reading!

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