what i think about the the upcoming election

Hero US Election

Hi my name is Monica,I am nineteen years old, i am a mistory shopper

and on my spare time i look after the elderly or children.

I live in Texas so that is worth alot of ponts.

I think Joe Bidon should win because Donald Trump says America will

be great again,But HE hade never made it great.

he had built a wall so Mexico could not get to America,

he is agaist china when they did something wrong one thing he still sticks to it

worst of all he just don't care about the inverment

on the hand, Joe Bidon has no problem with China,

He cares about the inverment,

he wants to take the wall down.

i think some people don't want to vote to be honest,

some times i don't want to vote

because i did'nt know who to vote for

people might think that or the might thnk they don't like any of them so whats the point

is that if you don't vote someone wins that you don't like but if you put your vote it might

have changed the over all score.

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