USA re-election

Hello my nae is Ella and Ihave three kids.My job is to work as a teacher.For the next president ,I wish that they would give more money to schools because some schools dont have enough money so kids would have enugh education.

More abought me i am a 38 year old ladie ,with 3 kids and single .Our contry England has 15 votes so we try to vote because it could be a good impact.So having a good presdent is verry impotant tpo me and my kids.

if we didnt have a good person in charge i woundt bve able to pay for mt kids. And my family lives in mexco so if Donald Trump get in cotrol of mexco i will never get to see my family.

However i can never run agest him 1 because I am a girl 2 i have no intrest to be presdent. I have my 3 favort people to stay buy my side.So if i hade to vote i woyuld vote Joe Birden. i think he will be a great leade.

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