US election

Hello my name is Harry Gup and I work for Jacobs. I am 44 years old and I like cars and tranport.

I feel nervous because I dont have a lot of money and evryone is votting for Trump because he has a lot of money.

Poeple will vote tormoro because ofer wise no one will have a say for there President to take care of our Country. I think my vote is powerfull becuse evryone has a part to say. Some people might not vote because they might have more important things to do than vote. I would run for President becuase I am the right age and the job to do it and I feel confident I will win. I think the demotrcic sytem is fiar but also unfiar because the reason why I think it is fiar is I like the part were you have to live there for 14 years but the part I dont like is some people can not vote.

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