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Hello im Buster Long and i am a Buisness man and a Laywer. I am 34 and my state usally vote Demorcrat. I feel exited about thr election because i know people have voted the same and have gone with who i would like to be are president. People should vote as they should care about who their president is and who rums the country. Also they don't want a bad president. my vote is powerfull because we only have a little population and im one of the only ones that vote. Some people may not vote because they are to young or because they haven't lived in the country for long enough. I would run for president to improve the healf care and to bring the country together and not pull them apart. I think the American voting system is fair because if peoplehave less perople it is fair you don't have as many electral votes as we dont need as many.

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