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I’m going to present some of the statements made by the presidential candidates during the campaign. I think presidential candidates should be seen as truthful, accurate and honest in the statements they make as these can directly influence the choices that the electorate will make, in how they cast their vote.

Below here is a quote that is attributed to Donald Trump

“I’m back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young. And so I’m lucky in that way,”

Donald Trump is not really the perfect specimen because he is overweight this could mislead the electorate they might think they’re a little bit large and so, this means that they might think that covid-19 isn’t that big of a deal and that they will get over it easily. His treatment wouldn’t have been cheap, some professors at US universities have estimated Donald Trump’s treatment cost more than $1m. Hospitals in the American west charge a median fee of approximately $93,000 for patients of Trump’s age group and this wouldn’t be affordable for most people. As Donald Trump is 74 he is not a very young person if he lived in the UK he would qualify for a free bus pass, and would be old enough to claim a state pension.

Below here is a quote that is attributed to Joe Biden

“COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years…”

This statement has obvious errors, to date there have been around 215,000 deaths from covid-19. Let’s put this in context, in 2018 there were over 2.8m deaths with non-covid-19 causes of this around 170,000 were recorded by accidents, 600,000 from cancer and 650,000 from heart disease. People hearing this statement might see covid-19 as a pandemic that has killed more people this year than anything else in the last 100 years this could cause a climate of fear and uncertainty where voters could blame Donald Trump. That’s not to say things couldn’t have been done better but politicians should be responsible and verify the facts in their statements.

When presidential candidates make statements such as these they are misrepresenting the facts. How can the public trust them, if the public don’t know who or what to believe? This risks damaging faith in politicians and increases disillusionment.

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