Trump's "China Virus" Racist?

Is Trump racist for calling Covid the "China Virus?"

Lately, Trump has been making some very unfair statements about covid-19. He seems to be calling it the "China Virus" implying that China is the cause of all of this. Wheather this is true or not is up to the public, however I personally think that this isn't true. Yes, the virus did originate in China but, they are not entirely to blame for the spreading of the virus. Rumor has it, the virus first started after someone ate a bat in which the virus had infected, however this has not been confirmed. Other people belive that covid-19 was started when a government experiment went wrong, releasing the virus but again, this has not been confirmed. Going back onto the original topic, I think that Trump is infact racist for calling covid the "China Virus" seeing as it is not China's fault for the virus killing so many people who weren't protecting themselves or following the provided instructions.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    14 Oct 2020

    This is a really important question, tolerant_avocado, and one many are talking about. Whilst experts believe the virus did originate in China, some agree with you that called it a China Virus is unfair - as this article shows:

    It's also worth suggesting an adjustment to your last sentence - the virus hasn't just killed people who werent't protecting themselves - it has caused illness and death in many who were protecting themselves and following guidelines. Being invisible and impossible to track perfectly, it poses risks for everyone so that's why we should all follow guidance and do our best to stop the spread.

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  • Cheam Common logo glorious_solution | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    15 Oct 2020

    that could be racist yeah

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    1. Lyons Hall Primary School jovial_eel | Lyons Hall Primary School D
      glorious_solution's comment 16 Oct 2020

      Yeah because China might be the cause of this but he shouldn't really say that because it might be from america but it might be the americans who went there and brought it or it's somethng that want's to wipe us out

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      1. tom Tom @ the BNC
        jovial_eel's comment 16 Oct 2020

        I think it's almost impossible to know who the first people were who spread it to other countries, jovial_eel, and it's certainly not something that will wipe people out because most recover after mild symptoms.

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  • Hammond School logo extraordinary_dinosaur | Hammond Junior School A
    16 Oct 2020

    If I was in China I would feel really offended and appualed towards Donald Trump. Sometimes I think he should put himself In someone else's shoes before he says anything.

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  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg splendid_dog | Noel Park Primary School
    17 Oct 2020

    Good question tolerant_avacado. Yes I believe it is incredibly racist to refer to it as "china- virus ". That can be really offensive towards Chinese people . They did not intend to have a deadly disease spreading around the country.I think is trump had referred to it as the scientific name coronavirus or covid-19 then it wouldn't be as offensive to Chinese people.

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