This is my final peace

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Hi,I’m splendid_donkey and this is my final peace.

My character

Name:Emma Fairbrother



To me the thing that matters in the upcoming election is who wins.

where I live the electoral votes are worth 3.

My state is a swing state.

i am planing to vote for Joe Biden.

I dont think one day I will become president.

I feel that I am this powerful in the voting:

I feel that I am this powerful in the voting:

Not powerful -——-x————————————————- very powerful

Gender: Female


Can you tell me a bit about yourself ?I am a happy mum with 3 kids one 2 year old and twins which are 3 month.

How do you feel about tomorrows election ? I am nervous because I feel like Trump has been president for long enough and should not be president again.

Why should people vote tomorrow? For Change.

How powerful do you think your vote is ? Not powerful because I’m only 19.

Can you explain why some people may not vote? I think because of age and interests.

What about the presidency.Whould you run for presiden and why? I wouldn’t run for president because my power my wealth and interests.

How do you feel about the voting system in America ? I think the voting system is powerful and easy but I don’t know why I have never been there but some of my family lives there and they say it is easy and powerful.

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