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Hi it's chatty_philosophy and this is my final piece.

Charracter info:

Name: Emma Thompson

Age: 27

Ocupation: photographer

What matters to her in the upcoming election: climent change

Could she be presdent : yes

Plans to vote : joe bidden

Amount of electricel votes : 12

Im Emma, and im a photographer .

Im and 27 and take professional photos for celebs ,and i do wild life photos as well. Some people i have worked whith Ed Shiren and Emma Holend. Also in my spare time i do crochet, and i actually have a small bussiness were i sell mini crochet octopues ,so really im always busy.

How do you feel about tommrows election?

Mix feelings, im not really sure how to feel but i would like Joe Bidden to win because my job does matter about wildlife and joe bidden cares about that. But at the same time im quite excited.

Can you explain why some people might not vote?

Some people may not vote because they might be to young to vote or some people don't care. Also some people might not vote as there state might not have meany electrical votes .

How powerful do you think you vote is?

Umm.. Not that powerful because im only a photographer and not many people will care about my vote.

Not powerful ___x__________________verry powerful

Why should people vote tomorrow?

I think people should vote tomorrow because, if you dont you won't get your say. Also say you dont like the curent presdent you could vote to try and change it.

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I feel like the voting system in america is really unfair because of the electrical votes as they change every thing ( etc as its Donald Trump vs Joe Bidden, say Joe Bidden wins with the poppular vote whith 49821 votes but because of the electrcal votes that changed every thing .

The popular vote

Joe Biden 49821 Donald Trump 23415

The popular vote with the electrial vote

Joe Biden 34513 Donld Trump 69719

As you can see the electrical changes things alot.

What is presedentry? Would you ever run for presedent? Why?

Presedentry is when you studdy as a officer for the president . I don't think I would run for president because i wouldn't be verry good at it, and I love my job.

Conclution: Personaly I think you should vote even though your vote may not count you can still have you say and change the popular vote . But some people may find it hard to choese between a candidate because of all the fake news.

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