the us American

Hello my name is Xavier Smith and i am an American citizen

How do you feel about tommorows American Election

Well to be honest i feel pretty nervous about tommorows Election I dont want Trump to win because he has made some bad decisions as a presidential candidate.

Do you think that you could become president one day

Well coming from my opinion I think i hold enough power for the future to become president one day I think with my knowledge of the electorial voting system i could yes.

If you could tell trump two things on how to make the world a better place what would you tell him

Well i would tell him to make all cars zero emmision ,electric ,or water powered no petrol or diesel and stop deforestation.

what do you expect 15 years from now

well in full honesty I think most cars will be fully electric or hybrid that will make the world a better place.

Who do you want to win tommorows election

Well to be honest i want Joe biden to win because he has good ideas for a better econemy.

What might happen if people wont vote

well maybe they dont vote because they think there vote is not so important or there age they have to be 18 or over to vote or they might not just be interested

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