The new president-Trump vs Biden


So right now we have Joe Biden and Donald Trump competing for president. They are both quite old and have both said some pretty insulting things in debates. But sometimes things are not what they seem.


Recently, Trump contracted the virus, his wife and his colleage. He posed for a photo without a mask after he was treated.


Biden is the main candidate against Trump. Lots of people are rooting for him and some are against him.

My question

So I think when Trump contracted the virus, he needn't have to exaggerate so. He mightn't have exaggerated though but maybe he did just an inch just to get sympathy and get more people to vote for him? If yes, then it has not worked as Biden currently has more. What are your thoughts?

This link is a tracker which basically shows you which candidate has more votes and by how much:

The picture in the heading is how much votes there were for each person when I was writing it. It has probably updated so go on the link.

Thank you for reading! Put your thoughts in the comments!

By daring_whale

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