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Can you tell me a bit about yourself

HEIIO I'm Luke Baker and I am a seargent in the California state police . I am 28 years old and I will vote for TRUMP because I want thewall. I used to believe in climate change but people are taking it to far . BIDEN is anitbritish and I like England because my wife was british .

How do you do you feel about tomorrow ?

I feel a bit nervous that BIDEN will win but in reality TRUMP will win .

why shouid people vote tomorrow ?

I believe that everyone should vote because your one vote could make a difference .

How powerful do you think your vote is ?

I'm not sure how sure how powerful my vote is because I live in Los Angelos which is in Californa which is a DEMOCRAT state so my vote doesn't stand a chance .

Can you explain why some people might not vote ?

I can't explain why some people don't vote because we have been given the right to vote so I think we should use it .

What about the presidency. Would you ever run for president ? Why ?

I wouldn't run for president because I love my job .

How do you feel about the voting system in America ?

I feel that the voting system is fair because each country has its own way to vote .

So that is what I think about the election . THANK YOU !

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    20 Oct 2020

    Your character says Joe Biden is anti-British - do you have any evidence for that?

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