The Candidates' Immigrant Policies

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden have very different policies involving immigrants and I have created this post to tell you about them.

When Donald Trump was campianing to be president, he promised to build a "big, beautiful wall" between the U.S.A and Mexico. This has caused exteme upset in the U.S.A but are they the real ones suffering? Many younger adults were worried about people coming over and "messing up America". But while there were people who supported The Wall, there are a lot of people who disagree.

This clip was from 2019 but this still happens now...

Now have a think about all those people needing a better life.

Joe Biden wishes to take down the wall and welcome all in need of a new life into America. Yet Biden voted in favor of the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which approved funding for a border wall, but has criticized Trump’s “obsession” with the wall. Joe severely disagrees with Trump's zero-tolerance policy that separated thousands of families at the border. He believes that the best way to prevent the need for the immigrants, legal or illegal, is to try to reduce poverty, insecurity and violence through international partnerships. The problem is like an overflowing bath, Donald Trump is trying to block the water out while Joe Biden wants to try and shut the water off at the source- the tap.

So overall Joe would be a better candidate for those concerned FOR the immigrants.

Thank you,


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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    24 Sep 2020

    A great conversation starter dedicated_fact! Well done for sharing one of your sources too - it helps to provide the bigger picture. You say "many younger adults were worried about people coming over and messing up America". Is it just younger adults?

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    1. Braiswick Primary School dedicated_fact | Braiswick Primary School
      Katie @ the BNC's comment 24 Sep 2020

      Dear Katie,
      From the information I have found that many young people and also middle aged people are worried about immigrants bringing over crime and drugs. I have a speculation that this is because they feel more vulnerable.
      Thank you so much!

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      1. tom Tom @ the BNC
        dedicated_fact's comment 25 Sep 2020

        Hi dedicated_fact, do you think this fear is dangerous (because of course, not all people are the same)?

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  • Braiswick Primary School buzzing_morning | Braiswick Primary School
    28 Sep 2020

    I agree with you dedicated_fact, Joe Biden would be better.

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  • Hammond School logo incredible_hen | Hammond Junior School B
    29 Sep 2020

    Joe Biden is better when he gets to start running America and I don't think Donald Trump is a very good president .

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg memorable_dove | Michael Faraday School
    02 Oct 2020

    I agree that Joe Biden would make America a better country and is willing to make equality with everyone whereas Donald Trump wants to divide and separate.

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  • Braiswick Primary School spirited_insect | Braiswick Primary School
    18 Nov 2020

    I agree with this post.

    And as soon as I read this, the thing that stood out the most is ''big, beautiful wall''. Another thing that stood out was ''messing up America''. So basically, Donald Trump (and some citizens of the USA) think, that when anyone from Mexico or probably anyone that is not American, comes in there, they apparently mess up America? That if the wall stays up there forever, there will eventually be no more Mexicans in the USA. This means Donald Trump wants to split up US citizens from Mexicans. I also think that US citizens shouldn't be just standing there saying they don't support the wall. If they can, they should show they don't want the wall so that something may change. I also agree that they are not suffering from the wall ; its the Mexicans that are suffering. I don't understand why illegal entry exists. Everybody of any race or background should be allowed to enter any country.

    Joe Biden may have voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, however, his actions show he's probably changed his mind. There is a low probability he's lying just so he can become president. I also don't understand the overflowing bath reference. Please can you explain it?

    I think know that Joe Biden is president, America is truly going to be 'great again'. With the first ever African-American, Asian-American, and female person in office, America's future looks like a good one.


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