The American president

Featured Image US Election 8

My characters name is: ava

age: 39

her job is a librarian,she loves to go to the library because it is nice and quiet.

what matters to Ava is that her vote gets counted.

The votes in Ava's state is worth 30 votes.

Ava's state usually vote democratic.

she wants Joe Biden to win the American election.

not powerful ------------------------x--------- powerful

she feels very excited because she lives in a democratic state so she thinks Joe Biden will win.

Ava thinks some people don't vote because they are too young and because they aren't interested.

Ava thinks her vote is very powerful because she live in a democratic state and she really wants Joe Biden to win.

People should vote because if they don't then the person they want to not win might win.

Ava thinks the democratic system is very powerful because most people want Joe Biden to win and she wants Joe Biden to win.

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