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Hello, my name is Amanda Smith, I am 39 years old and i am a docter. I have mixed feelings ( excited yet a bit anxious as I am not sure what to expect about the upcoming vote. I think people should definitely vote as it will make a difference for all of our lives (both presidents will have very different mindsets and make very different choices for our country etc.) people often think that their vote will not matter or be useful but it really is! Some people may not want to vote as they are not 100% sure who to vote. Your vote could change the country!! In previous elections the votes have been EXTREMELY close. I personally wouldn't want to be a president as i know how much pressure I'd be under and how I wouldn't be able to have any free time in this occupation. I think the democratic system is fair in our country, giving everybody (over 18) an oppurtunity to vote for our new president.

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